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  • Have you ever had to say NO to dessert as it was unhealthy, or had one or more ingredients that didn't agree with you?

  • Have you ever had to cater for a guest with a dietary allergy or intolerance, and not known what to make?

  • Do you desperately want to eat healthier food, but can't find recipes that are as delicious as their traditional alternatives?

  • Do you want to feel better about your sweet tooth?


I can totally relate...

Since being lactose intolerant and gluten sensitive, I've had to say no to many desserts. When we had guests over, I would usually make them a dessert that I could not eat. Missing out sucks, and making two desserts when you only need one sucks too!

So in 2013, I started adapting classic dessert recipes into healthier versions. Desserts that have nourishing real food ingredients, loads of flavour and you won't regret eating afterwards. I had such a big catalogue of desserts, that I decided to create an eCookbook to share them with you. There are 50+ desserts in BecomingSweet with many of them not available on my blog Becomingness. 




  • 80 beautiful pages filled with over 50 healthy and amazing recipes.

  • Sections include Raw, Baked Treats, Chocolate, Basic Elements, Simple Treats and Wow Factor Desserts.

  • Gorgeous photography and supporting information throughout the book.

  • All recipes are created using real food ingredients: nothing artificial, no preservatives, and no additives.

  • All recipes are gluten, dairy free and refined sugar free. With a great selection of recipes that are tree nut, peanut and egg free.

  • Most recipes are paleo and vegan inspired.



what people are saying about BecomingSweet


YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Dessert without the nasties, sign me up!!!!! "BecomingSweet" is the latest beautiful creation by the gorgeous Vanessa Vickery. Not only is it visually tantalising but the recipes are fantastically brilliant too! And they are easy! Breaking out the happy dance!  Ness portrays the love that she has in food creation by allowing us into her world of making 'kitchen magic' not only for the kids but for the grown up kids too! - Kathy Gardiner



BecomingSweet is a beautifully laid out and easy to follow ebook. It's filled with delicious recipes that require easy to source ingredients (most of which will already be in your cupboard!). With gorgeous pictures, simple instructions and helpful tips scattered throughout its pages it really is a must have recipe book! If I had to sum 'BecomingSweet' up in 3 words I would say Gorgeous. Delicious. Simple. - Sarah Potter


BecomingSweet is by far the best dessert book I have ever owned. I gasped when I first opened it. It is beautiful. The photography and colouring is vibrant, fun and inspiring. The recipes look AMAZING. In fact, it is one of those recipe books where you start to write down which ones you'll cook first, and before you know it, you've written down just about every single one in the book! And to top things off, the recipes are easy to follow, simple to make, and utterly divine to eat. Sampling every single recipe in this book is now officially on my bucket list - Naomi Arnold



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More Love for BecomingSweet


Oh My! This is divine!!!! The images are incredible, design is wonderful and the recipes so beautifully simple to follow - Emma Newby


BecomingSweet will be kept on high rotation in my kitchen. Ness has collected all our favourite sweets in this one beautiful book. - Nicole Mathieson



This is a must for any gluten and dairy free “foodie” household. Highly recommend it! - Chantal Roelofs



If you have a sweet tooth like me but are trying to be healthy, this is the book for you. - Sarah Poppy



I love knowing that I can make delicious sweet treats for my family without worrying what's in it. Got to love indulging in delicious food without the guilt. - Louisa Larado



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Here's a Taste of what you Get


even More Love for BecomingSweet


Every single time one of Vanessa's recipes hits my inbox my mouth starts to water! Her book BecomingSweet is indeed a treat, it is absolutely brilliant having all her amazing recipes all wrapped up in one very gorgeous book. From the very beginning I've loved Vanessa's recipes because they are simple, and uber easy to follow....and they really work. As a new-ish mum, I'm really trying to limit our processed sugar as a family, BecomingSweet is going to be my new dessert bible!! - Catherine King


As a busy Mum of two young children, I am forever searching for the best and most nutritious recipes to feed them. Especially when it comes to sweeter options that don't compromise our health. WOW does Ness's ebook 'BecomingSweet' deliver on that! This ebook will become a staple go to for anyone searching for healthy dessert options for the whole family. Say yes to your family's health, say yes to dessert again and definitely say yes to getting yourself a copy of this ebook! - Roxanne Ford


BecomingSweet is so much more than a cookbook – 'healthy dessert bible' would be way more appropriate. Beautiful drool-worthy photography accompanies recipes you will want to try straight away, starting with the basics, right the way through to healthy makeovers for all your fave sweet treats. What I love most is how Vanessa has shared recipes for everyone – no matter if you are on a raw, sugar free, gluten free or paleo, I guarantee there are sweets in here you can make. - Shannon Tindale



What I love most about Ness is that she creates from the heart and BecomingSweet is a true testament to that. We all like to indulge in yummy things, but Ness gives you the guidance to satisfy your sweet tooth with recipes that are not only delicious, but made from natural, good for you ingredients. No processed nasties here and that gets a big tick in my book. BecomingSweet is just gorgeous from start to finish with mouth-watering images that make you want to roll up your sleeves and get busy in the kitchen right away. - Jo Anderson


I absolutely adore Vanessa for creating this eBook. I definitely have a sweet tooth, but I also have a very strong stance on refined sugar. It is not something that I want myself or my family consuming. Full stop. BecomingSweet has given me a bounty of delicious recipes that I can use when the indulgence bug hits. You really can have your cake and eat it when it comes to clean living. This is definitely a recipe eBook to have at your fingertips whilst transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. - Jasmine Matthews

Becoming Sweet is the ultimate as far as healthy dessert cookbooks go. It’s full of beautifully nourishing recipes all made from ingredients that most wholefood cooks would already have stocked in their pantry. As a naturopath and nutritionist myself, I love that I now have a bunch of healthy, sweet recipes on hand that I’m happy to feed to my whole family. Ness has done a wonderful job of showing just how easy it can be to enjoy dessert again! - Chelsea Brown



Ness has created a something more than a cookbook, her recipes combine my favourite foodie things, fresh, healthy, delicious food in a beautiful and fun way.  If you're living a healthy lifestyle or looking to launch into the festive season with new healthy habits Becoming Sweet is perfect for you. There's something to satisfy the belly and soul of anyone that's lucky enough to get their hands on Ness's recipes. - Lila Wolff



I was instantly attracted to the beautiful images of Vanessas’s book. Then I found out that her sweet recipes also make you FEEL beautiful. I am so happy whenever I find someone who is devoted to transforming this world to a healthier place and shifting our food consciousness. Vanessa is definitely one of those people. Her desert book "Becomingsweet“ is full of healthy, delicious and easy to make recipies which are made with ingredients that are good for you, so you can indulge and treat yourself without the nasty side effects. It’s made with love, beauty and wisdom and is a must have for every one who is interested in a dairy and gluten-free lifestyle. - Christina Szegedi



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I am a Holistic Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, passionate foodie, mother and the creator of Becomingness – a health and wellness website which aims to help women achieve their health and wellness goals, and the ideal starting point for women who want to take charge of their health, but are not sure where to begin.I create and share healthy whole food recipes that are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, so that you don't have to miss out on your favourite recipes. I created BecomingSweet to cater for the overwhelming response I have received from the hundreds of recipes that I have shared on my website.


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Can I purchase a hard copy?

At this stage, BecomingSweet is only available as an eBook. You will receive a download link via email upon purchasing. having said that I am looking at a number of options, to have hard copies available. So watch this space!


What equipment do I need to make these recipes?

I highly recommend having a high speed blender (I have an Omniblend blender) and a good selection of bake ware; including spring form pans, baking pans, baking trays and muffin pans

Are these recipes easy to make?

All recipes featured in BecomingSweet are easy to follow and do not require any fancy chef skills.

Can I purchase BecomingSweet as a gift for someone?

Yes you can. Please contact me HERE and I send you an invoice and then forward a copy with a optional note to the recipient

Where can I buy the ingredients for these recipes?

You should be able to source the ingredients from your local supermarket, health food store or online.

Are these recipes paleo/vegan/raw/organic/clean eating?

The recipes featured in BecomingSweet are made using real food ingredients and as a result fit in most of these categories.


I purchased BecomingSweet and I have not received the email with the download link. What do I do?

Please check your email spam or junk folders as the email may be there. Please contact with your invoice number, if you still don't have the email.


I am trying to download BecomingSweet on my ipad/iphone and it is not working. What is going on?

If you are opening via an iPhone or iPad, just wait a few minutes as it can take a bit of time to download, due to the size of the file. If the download link has expired, please email me at with your invoice number, and I will resend the link to you.


Do I need a Paypal account to purchase BecomingSweet?

No, if you do not have a Paypal account, just select ‘Don’t have a Paypal account’ for credit card option to make payment using your credit card.



I would love for you to share photos of your recreations on social media. If you do, please tag #becomingness and #becomingsweet and I will then share my favourites on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.