16 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes That Your Kids Will Love!


How much fun is it packing your kids lunchbox? 

Do you constantly get told "I don't like that mum" or "Not that again"?

It is super hard finding the right balance between pleasing your kids and making sure that they are eating healthy and nutritious foods that will keep their energy levels balanced throughout the day. 

Both my children can be fussy and my daughter also has tree nut and egg allergies. So, it can be tough finding that right balance! 

So, I have put together this round up of 16 healthy lunch box recipes that your kids will love!

There are both sweet and savoury options for you to make. They are mostly all gluten, dairy and nut free. The other recipes have options included to make them them gluten, dairy and nut free. Just make sure you read the comments or the post itself to get those options.


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Paleo Banana Bread by Paleo Power Couple

Veggie Fritters by Her Nourished

Healthy Tiny Teddies by Mummy Made.It

Nut Free Jaffa Bliss Balls



Carrot Bites by Maddie Race

Oat Seed & Date Bars by Brenda Janschek

Honey Joys by Sistermixin

Choc Zucchini Loaf by The Nourished Psychologist

Raw Protein Cookies by Slim Birdy

Chocolate Spread by Alternative Chef Kitchen

3 Ingredient Pancakes by Her Nourished

Mini Meat Pies by Brenda Janschek

Sweet Potato & Chocolate Chip Muffins by Mummy Made.It

Grain Free Veggie Bread by The Nourished Psychologist

Lemon Bliss Balls by Sistermixin

Raw Cranberry & Date Bars


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