Chase your Dreams

What a week!

I handed in my final assessment of my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine on Sunday. Gee it felt so good to have finally finished, but it felt a little strange to be honest. So much has happened since I started the course in 2011. The major things include:

  • Stopped working full time

  • Had my daughter Giselle

  • Moved interstate

  • Had my son Joshua

  • Started running and ran in a few 5km events

  • Lost 25 kgs

  • Moved house

  • Went on an amazing trip to attend our friends’ wedding in Russia

  • Started my blog

  • Started working part-time

This course has been such a big part of my life for the past 3 years. I have become really passionate about nutrition and health and wellness in general. On top of my study, I have been reading lots of books on health, wellness, motivation and empowerment. There are so many other areas in health and wellness that I want to learn more about and I want to be able to help others in reaching their optimal health, either by nutrition consulting or by coaching.

So today, I start my next course which is a Certificate 4 in Life Coaching and Certificate in Wellness Coaching through the Life Coaching Academy. I am so excited and can't wait to start.

Call me crazy as I only just finished my other study, but I am on a roll and want to keep going.

This course is not going to be as full on as my Nutritional Medicine course and I will be able to focus on this blog and the products and services that will be accompanying it, including the launch of my nutritional medicine consulting.

So stay tuned for this and more exciting news in the coming months

Stay well and I hope you get to see the eclipse later on today

Ness xo