Friday Foodie: Shan Cooper


Welcome to my Friday Foodie series where I get to feature my favourite foodies and wellness experts. 

This week I am featuring Shan Cooper from My Food Religion. Shan is an amazing woman who I have admired for some time now. Her approach to health and wellness is truly inspiring! 

Enjoy the interview.

Ness xo

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, what you do and what inspired you to lead a healthier lifestyle?

I’m a single mum to one tiny but very sassy human, coffee & bacon addict, wellness coach & food, health & wellness blogger. I run cooking classes and I love helping to empower people to take back control of their health & wellness and I believe that starts with how we nourish our bodies.

What inspired you to start My Food Religion?

I have always loved to cook (and eat) and my blog was the perfect was to start sharing that passion and showing people that cooking real food can be booth delicious and easy!


What exciting plans do you have coming up for the summer and 2017?

I have a few more ambassador opportunities this year which I am super pumped about involving 2 things I love a LOT! Coffee & dogs so stay tuned for those! 2017 still feel like a world away so I going to pop that in the “future Shan’s problem” box for now and enjoy what’s happening right now!

What tips would you give to someone who is just starting to make changes to their health and wellness?

Start small so you don’t get overwhelmed. Change one thing at a time so you can incorporate it into a sustainable & permanent lifestyle change then adjust something else. You are not giving yourself the best chance to succeed and make long term change by changing everything all at once and I think that’s why so many people give up and quit. 

Do you have any tips for eating well on a budget?

  • Hit up your local farmers market and buy what is in season!
  • Make friends with your butcher and use the cheaper cuts of meat and whack them in your slow cooker!
  • Buy dry goods in bulk where possible or join a local co-op

What healthy dinner options would suggest to someone who is time poor?

  • Any meat in a slow cooker is a great option with some roasted veggies
  • Make an omelette
  • I love the Cleaver’s organic sausages when I haven’t had time to prep anything else. Make a salad. Easy as.

What is something that you enjoy doing when you have some ‘me’ time?

The beach is my happy place. I try and get there whenever I can for some Vitamin Sea.

What is your favourite recipe to cook? Can you share the recipe with us?

My favourite thing to cook is 100% slow cooked lamb. Cannot get enough of it. Recipe below.


 A little more about Shan and where you can find her

Shan Cooper is a mum, bacon addict & coffee lover as well as being a food, health & wellness blogger over at My Food Religion. She has a passion for pure, unadulterated food. Food that is good for the body and the soul. Food that makes you feel good from the inside out.

She is driven by helping people to get comfortable again in the kitchen through her cooking classes and empowering people to take back control of their own health, starting with food.

Shan wants to help create a nation of people who are nourishing themselves and their families so that they can thrive not just survive. 





Snapchat: @myfoodreligion


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