Friday Foodie: Tracey Fry and Joanne Ling aka Sistemixin'


Welcome to the latest edition of my Friday Foodie series, where each week I feature my favourite health and wellness stars. Each week, they share their tips for healthy living and their favourite recipe.

This week, I am featuring Tracey Fry and Joanne Ling from Sistermixin'. Tracey and Joanne are two super inspiring sisters who get to share their happy and healthy lifestyles with others. Their recipes are AMAZING!!  I hope you enjoy my interview with Sistermixin'.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, your family, what you do and what inspired you to lead a healthier lifestyle?

Tracey and Joanne are two mothers, both wives and both into living the healthiest and happiest lifestyles we can. Together they have created Sistermixin’ to not only help their families, but those around them achieve the same.

They are passionate about changing the way you look at food by spreading the message that additives and preservatives can be toxic to your health.

Their mission is to educate everyone (especially their own families) on exactly what they are eating, what is in our food and some of the harmful effects this can have on your health.

What inspired you to start Sistermixin' ?

Joanne’s daughter suffered from a lot of medical complications from an early age, but one of the biggest things was her behavioural issues. Once Joanne started looking into food, more importantly, exactly what was in food, or the chemicals that were added to food to preserve it, she quickly realised that this could be effecting her daughter. She started to question everything they ate, looked at the ingredients list instead of the marketing on the packet and noticed changes immediately. Joanne has now transformed to living an additive and preservative free lifestyle and has never looked back.


What exciting plans do you have coming up in 2016?

We have so many plans for 2016. Starting with a free 21 day challenge into eating additive and preservative free, we also want to continue with our free webinars, another printed cookbook full of amazing additive free cakes, biscuits and slices.

Plus we would love to start a Sister Club which we have loads of ideas for, but are still working out all the finer details.

We released Additive Free Made Easy, an online course into starting your journey towards eating a diet free from chemicals. We are so excited about this and the response to round one was phenomenal, we knew we had put together an amazing course, but we were overwhelmed with the amazing results people were seeing in their children’s behaviour (as well as their own health improvements).

What is the Number 1 tip you would give to someone who is just starting to make changes to their health and wellness?

Take it slowly and ask for help along the way, don’t try and do it all alone, it is just too hard. And #dontstressit (this is actually the motto for our course). Don’t stress if you need to buy some convenience food every now and then, no one is perfect, just do the best you can each day and if you have a bad day – don’t stress it!

Do you have any tips for eating well on a budget?

Start Sharing More!

Do you have a few friends that also like to cook and create. Start sharing your products. Basically, if someone makes sauce, someone makes jam, the next makes relish etc etc then all you need to do is swap with each other. This way you are all saving money and time, and you all end up with a mix of homemade goods to take home.

What’s the saying – “more hands make light work”.

We have a whole blog post about it called Eating Organic, Not Just For the Rich and Famous – you can find that here

What healthy dinner options would you suggest to someone who is time poor?

Plan ahead, think about what you have in your diary and plan and prepare in advance. You have to plan everything else in your life (parties, weddings, holidays, even what clothes you are going to wear), so you also need to plan what food you are going to eat.

Make double, when you can, and freeze the leftovers. Spend one day a week making food for those busy days you know are coming up.

Use your slow cooker, prep the food the night before and then in the morning chuck it all in and dinner will be ready when you get home. Couldn’t be easier.

What is something that you enjoy doing when you have some ‘me’ time?

Jo loves heading to the beach (as she is in Qld) and getting a pedicure is one of her favourite things.  Tracey loves a massage and just started playing club netball again (yes even at 41, lol).

What is your favourite recipe to cook? Can you share the recipe with us? 

Tracey’s favourite recipe dinner recipe would be Spaghetti Carbonara – mainly because it is so quick to make and the whole family love it. But as a sweet treat, she can’t go past raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

Joanne’s favourite recipe is Caramel Slice – this is to die for and is always a winner.


Caramel Slice


*Biscuit base*

  • 40g desiccated coconut
  • 60g brown sugar
  • 50g rolled oats
  • 100g butter
  • 80g SR flour

*Caramel mixture*

  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 20g butter
  • 50g golden syrup

*Chocolate topping*

  • 200g milk chocolate



Step 1

Preheat oven to 180C and line a rectangle slice tin with baking paper

Step 2

Start by making your biscuit base. Melt the butter in your jug for 2 mins/60C/speed 4

Step 3

Add all other base ingredients and mix 5 secs/reverse, speed 3 or until well combined

Step 4

Put the mixture into the prepared tin and flatten down the base

Step 5

Cook your base in the oven for 10 minutes, then take it out and turn your oven down to 160C. Wash out your mixing jug while you wait

Step 6

Now make your caramel filling. In your mixing jug add all the caramel mixture ingredients and mix for 4 mins/60C/speed 1

Step 7

Pour this on top of your biscuit base and cook again in the oven for 18 mins

Step 8

Once done take it out of the oven and allow it to cool in the tin (you can place it in the fridge to cool quicker)

Step 9

Wash your mixing jug out before melting your chocolate

Step 10

Place the broken up chocolate into the jug and melt it for 3 mins/temp 60/speed 1 (or until fully melted)

Step 11

Pour this over your cool caramel slice and put it back in the fridge for 20 minutes

Step 12

After 20 minutes your chocolate should be still soft enough to cut through. You don't want it totally set. If it's totally set the chocolate will crack when you cut it, but you don't want it too soft otherwise the chocolate will run

Step 13

Cut your slice while still in the tin and then put it back in the fridge for another hour or so (if you can resist)

Step 14

Serve and enjoy :)

Caramel slice recipe can be found here -

Where you can find Tracey and Joanne.


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