Introducing BecomingSweet - say YES to dessert again!

Hands up if this is you....


Since being lactose intolerant I've had to say no to many desserts. When we had guests over, I would usually make them a dessert that I could not eat. Missing out sucks, and making two desserts when you only need one sucks too!

Last year, I started experimenting with raw desserts with healthier ingredients and started to come up with some amazing desserts. Some you will have seen many of them here on Becomingness, but I have saved almost 50 new AMAZING recipes for BecomingSweet - and I am sure you are going to love them.


YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Dessert without the nasties, sign me up!!!!! "BecomingSweet" is the latest beautiful creation by the gorgeous Vanessa Vickery. Not only is it visually tantalising but the recipes are fantastically brilliant too! And they are easy! Ness portrays the love that she has in food creation by allowing us into her world of making 'kitchen magic' not only for the kids but for the grown up kids too! - Kathy Gardiner


Becoming Sweet is a beautifully laid out and easy to follow ebook. It's filled with delicious recipes that require easy to source ingredients (most of which will already be in your cupboard!). With gorgeous pictures, simple instructions and helpful tips scattered throughout its pages it really is a must have recipe book! If I had to sum 'Becoming Sweet' up in 3 words I would say Gorgeous. Delicious. Simple. - Sarah Potter


Becoming Sweet is by far the best dessert book I have ever owned. I gasped when I first opened it. It is beautiful. The photography and colouring is vibrant, fun and inspiring. The recipes look AMAZING. In fact, it is one of those recipe books where you start to write down which ones you'll cook first, and before you know it, you've written down just about every single one in the book!  - Naomi Arnold


  • 80 beautiful pages filled with over 50 healthy and amazing recipes, with 46 never seen before recipes.

  • Gorgeous photography and supporting information throughout the book.

  • All recipes are created using real food ingredients: nothing artificial, no preservatives, and no additives.

  • All recipes are gluten, dairy free and refined sugar free.

  • With a great selection of recipes that are tree nut, peanut & egg free.

  • Most recipes are paleo and vegan inspired.


Vanessa Vickery (or Ness as she is also known) is a qualified nutritionist and a mother of two energetic toddlers. She created Becomingness, a health and wellness website, to help women achieve their health and wellness goals by providing accurate, accessible information, as well as offering valuable products and services that promote motivation, empowerment, self-belief and happiness. She is also the author of the eCookbook, BecomingSweet – say yes to dessert again! Come say hello and follow Ness onFacebookInstagramTwitter & Pinterest.