Life Begins

Hey all,

Just a quick post today as I am crazy busy with assignments. I have two assignments, two presentations and an exam to complete in the next week.

Today's quote is a good one! I have certainly been out of my comfort zone in the past few years. I have made some massive changes with regards to my career, fitness and health. However, I have put my fitness on hold to concentrate on finishing my study. Previously, I was regularly running 5-6kms and doing lots of strength training each week. I need to balance everything a bit better, so I complete all the things I want to each week.

So I have made a commitment to myself to do this!

Yesterday, I ran for the first time since January. It was only 2kms, but it is a start. I am sure that it won't take long to build my running fitness back up.  I will be running 3 times a week and doing strength 2 times a week and will enroll back into yoga. I will keep you updated with my progress.

Hope you have a great day.

Ness xo