Life is a Journey

I thought this one was a good one to put on my blog today as I am days away from handing in my final assessment.

I have been on an amazing journey the past few years with my study and self transformation.

However, when I realized that I had just over three months to complete 110 clinic hours as well as heaps of assignments, exams and presentations to finish my course, it freaked me out. How could I possibly complete all these requirements.

I have two toddlers to look after as well as a part time job, house duties and my blog. My husband has been nothing short of fantastic in supporting me throughout these past few months.

What I have realized is that nothing is too big too accomplish.

You just need to have goals in place and complete one task at a time. You need to always review your goals and amend them if necessary. I have a motivational board next to my desk where I have my goals. As I complete each task, I cross them off. It is so motivating to see how many assessments and clinic sessions that I have completed.

Anyway, back to my final assessment.

Ness xo