Simplicity is the key to a happy and successful life


Simplicity is the key to a happy and successful life!

Well that is what I am thinking anyway!

The last 5-6 years have been the best years of my life, but they have also been the most stressful.

Since 2010, I have had two children, enrolled and completed my Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, started Becomingness, shared a gazillion recipes, created my e-book BecomingSweet, commenced my Life and Wellness Coaching studies (which I have completed the wellness component, but still need to complete the life coaching component),  moved four times (with two of those being interstate moves) lost 35 kgs, put 25kgs back on, then lost another 10kg, signed up with two network marketing companies (love both companies products and still use them both, but not sure about the network marketing part), and started a mum support group on Facebook (a collaboration with my friend).

Meanwhile I am trying to be the best mum and wife that I can be.

I am honestly grateful for what life has given me, but I have also come to realise that I have too much on my plate.

My mission is to help others become healthier and happier people and I thought that the more skills and qualifications that I possessed, the more that I could help others, which in turn would help me to improve my family’s financial situation. Well it hasn’t! In fact, it has cost us quite of money and a hell of a lot of time to do all these things, which has caused quite a bit of stress and anxiety. I honestly think that I have not been able to give my all to each individual area that I have been working on.

Recently, we moved from a townhouse to an apartment and in the process had to de-clutter and cull quite a bit of stuff. I have to say that it has been quite an enjoyable experience. Quite soothing really! I am really happy that we moved and I feel more at ease with everything. I am sleeping better and I am getting outdoors and starting to exercise more.

So, it has got me thinking, what if I simplified and decluttered my work and study situation? Would that put me at ease with my business and in turn help me to reach my business and financial goals? You know I think it actually would!

So, today, I thought about all my biz activities and which ones bring me the most joy. I came up with a list of 3 – cooking and photography and nutrition. These are the areas that I focused on when I started Becomingness.

So, for the next 6 months, I am going focus my attention in these three areas and see where it takes me. But ultimately I want to achieve the following:

  • Have a happier life, with a lot less stress.

  • Reach our financial goals.

  • Be more productive in the areas that I am focusing on.

  • Have more time to spend with my family and friend.

One of the choices that I made was to learn about manifesting and increasing abundance into your life. I have doing Denise Duffield-Thomas's Lucky Bitch and I really loving the simplicity of what you need to do to increase abundance into your life and business. 

Denise is currently offering free training on her manifestation formula, which you can you check out here.