Sweet Potato Rosti


After making my Quinoa Fritters earlier on in the year, which has turned out to be one of my most popular recipes, I wanted to make another easy, light, snack-or-side type meal.

I've come up with something I think you'll really like - my Sweet Potato Rosti.

These are really delicious and are made with 4 ingredients (well, five if you count the coconut oil to grease the frypan) They can be a little fiddly to make, but once you get the hang of it they are really easy. When making them for the first time, I recommend scooping out a small quantity (I use two soup spoons to lift out the mixture, then flatten the mixture in the pan using the back of one) - if you notice that it is sticking, or the rosti isn't holding together when you attempt to flip it, you may need to increase the heat. Once you have a feel for it, you should be fine!

Sweet Potato are a highly nutritious vegetable and are packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, including calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, and vitamins A, B3, B5, B6 and C. They are very versatile, as they can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes.

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Sweet Potato Rosti

Serves - 12 thin patties


  • 1 large sweet potato (approximately 700 - 800 grams), peeled and grated
  • 1/4 cup arrowroot (or tapioca flour)
  • 1 egg, whisked
  • 60 grams organic butter, melted
  • Sea salt and black pepper to taste
  • 2+ tablespoons coconut oil


Mix all ingredients (except coconut oil) in a large bowl.

Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to a medium fry pan on medium heat. Using two soup spoons, scoop out the rosti mixture and place in the fry pan and flatten a little. Place as many as you want in the fry pan, making sure the edges don't touch. Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side, until lightly browned. Then repeat until you use up all the fritter mixture. You may need to add more coconut oil in between batches.

Note: You may need to increase or decrease the heat depending on your fry pan (eg non stick, stainless steel etc) and cook top (gas, ceramic etc)


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