The Beauty of Motivation

Each Wednesday, I am going to share with you my favourite motivational quotes.

I firmly believe that self motivation is the key to achieving anything that we want in life.

Self motivation has helped me to change my old habits and to become the healthier and happier person that I am today. 

I believe that by self motivation, I was able to achieve goals that I originally thought were impossible to achieve eg career change, weight loss, running 5kms and setting up my blog.

Reasons why self motivation is important.............

  1. Self motivation increases the likelihood of both setting and achieving goals.
  2. Self motivation makes you open to more ideas and options.
  3. Self motivation is very empowering and makes you resilient.
  4. Self motivation boosts your enthusiasm and you will have lots of new and positive energy.

So, I hope you enjoy my favourite motivational quotes and I encourage you to print them, share them and live them.


Ness xo