ThermoHub: Your Ultimate Meal Planning Resource For All Your Thermomix Recipes


This is a sponsored post in collaboration with ThermoHub. I only work with brands and products that align with Becomingness’s core values and beliefs.

I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify my meal planning.

Meal planning for me is usually done on the weekend, spent at my desk with my cookbooks and checking out recipes on the web, trying to work out what meals to cook for the week. Some weeks are easier than others, especially if I stick to my own recipes. I do have my go-to recipes that I tend to make most weeks.

But there are weeks where I want to change things up a bit and try some different recipes. Sometimes working out which recipe to include in my weekly menu that also fits within our weekly grocery budget can take a bit of time.

Well not anymore!

For the past two weeks I have been trialling ThermoHub, which is a subscription-based resource that helps you with your Thermomix meal planning.

ThermoHub is really easy to use. Like super easy!

ThermoHub is really well set up and you can access it on your computer, phone or tablet. There is a great selection of recipes to choose from, many of which are from the most popular Thermomix foodies, plus you can also add any of your favourite recipes.

This allows you to have all your Thermomix recipes in the one place so you can easily plan your meals for the week (or for a month!). I also really like the shopping list function. It is a game changer!

So how do you use ThermoHub?


Like I mentioned earlier, it is really easy to use. The website has a menu at the top of the site with the following choices:

  • Recipe Hub
  • My Hub
  • Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Account
  • Subscription
  • Shop



When you first log in to ThermoHub you are taken the Planner page.  

This is where you see what recipes you have chosen for the week and month. If you have not chosen any recipes, then there will be some chosen automatically for you. You can easily add or remove recipes and select the date for when you want to make that recipe. You can choose multiple recipes for each day, to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The layout looks great, and is easy to use. Once populated, the weekly or monthly planner view shows your selected recipe/s for each day along with information on servings, cooking times, recipe categories and user rating.

You also generate your shopping list from this page.



This is where you will find all the recipes that are in the ThermoHub database and add them to My Hub or Planner. You also can save them into lists that you can create (e.g. “Dinner” or “Dessert”).

There are hundreds of recipes to choose from with more being added every day. There is a search bar on this page as well categories for you to pick from (e.g. LCHF, Mains, and Vegetarian).

Each recipe shows you the following:

  • Recipe overview
  • Picture of the recipe
  • Author
  • Prep, cook and total times
  • Categories – Mains, Breakfast, Vegetarian etc
  • Whether they are gluten, dairy, nut or egg free etc
  • How many serves
  • Recipe rating
  • Button to add the recipe to My Hub
  • Button to add to the recipe to the Planner



When you click on the picture or title of the recipe it shows you more information on the recipe, including everything listed above, plus

  • Ingredients
  • Recipe Information and tips. This will tell you how to adapt a recipe e.g. make dairy free, gluten free or modify certain ingredients.
  • Any additional notes

To view the method of the recipe you will need to click on the VIEW RECIPE button which will take you to the actual website where the recipe below



This is where you all your saved recipes from the Recipe Hub are. You can also manually add recipes that you find on the net. So you have all your favourite recipes in the one place. That is one of the amazing features of ThermoHub!



Once you generate a shopping list in the planner section, this is where you will find it.

It is really easy to view on your phone, making your shopping trips so much easier. You also can print or pdf your shopping list as well as email it to someone who is going to do the grocery shopping. ThermoHub have really thought of everything.

The shopping list is categorised into sections, fresh produce, pantry, meat/fish/poultry, chilled/frozen and there is a section to add additional items. You also have the ability to change quantities of items, if you need to purchase more or less of that item, or delete them completely, which is handy if you already have the item in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

Another handy feature is the ability to cross off an item while you are shopping.


This gives you the option to change measurements from metric to imperial (default is metric).


ThermoHub has three membership options available:

  • Monthly membership – $12.95 per month
  • 6 month membership $60
  • Annual membership $97

Plus you have the option to trial ThermoHub for two weeks for 99 cents

You can only sign up and log in if you have Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account. There does not seem to be an email option, which is the only negative that I could see. I know that there are quite a few people that do not use social media, so this would be a disadvantage to them.



ThermoHub is your ultimate meal-planning resource for all your Thermomix recipes. Keeping all your favourite Themomix recipes in the one place is super handy and the shopping list function is amazing.

The only disadvantage was that there was no email choice when signing up for anyone not on social media.

But overall, ThermoHub is a fantastic product that is going to be a game-changer for many people doing their meal planning, saving them time and money in the process. At between $2 - $3 per week, I think ThermoHub presents great value for money and I am looking forward to building up My Hub, and saving myself a lot of time at the shops!

If you do give ThermoHub a try I would love to hear how you go. Remember that they have the 2 week trial offer at 99 cents, which you can CHECK OUT HERE!