SAy yes to your health


  • I am confused about what foods I should be eating. There is too much conflicting information out there.

  • I want to cook healthy meals for myself and for my family, but I am too busy to prepare them.

  • I am always feeling tired and unmotivated.

  • I am always stressed out and want to relax more.

  • I want to lose weight and feel better about myself and look amazing in my clothes.

  • I am sick of going on diets and then putting the weight back on afterwards.

  • I want to have loads of energy during the day.

  • I want real education from a qualified Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

  • I want to make a real commitment to improving my health and happiness


If you said YES to any of the above, then here is where I can help!

I am a qualified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach and I would love to help and empower you with the knowledge and tools to set you up for life.

And I have been there! 

I have struggled with my weight, image, energy levels and motivation over the years. I have tried countless numbers of diets and then piled the weight (and then some) back on afterwards. I also have two toddlers and I know how hard it can be to cook healthy foods for a family when your time is limited, or you are too tired from looking after your children.

I know what it takes to feel better about yourself, how to make a change and make it stick, and I want to help you.

How great would it be to feel energetic and healthy? To be able to do all the things you want and not feel so run down.

How good would it be to be able to plan what meals you are going to cook for your family, that are healthy, easy to make and delicious? 

Well, I can help you achieve all those things!

Together, we look at your current eating habits, dietary preferences, current health picture, energy and stress levels, lifestyle considerations, short and long term goals, work/life balance and self-care activities. We will work together to develop a nutrition + wellness plan that is not only tailored to your goals, but also takes into consideration, your eating preferences, budget and lifestyle, making it not just another quick fix solution.

Testimonal-Claire S.

Vanessa has such natural enthusiasm for what she does and after our session I felt very really excited about working on my weight and health issues. Her approach is completely genuine and non judgmental and that made me feel really well supported.

Claire Schillaci

2 week Nutrition + Wellness Coaching Package

COST $119 (AUD)

Which includes: 

  • 1 x 60 minute in depth health consultation
  • 1 x 30 minute follow up session
  • Session notes with recommendations and action steps
  • Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists suited to your dietary requirements, lifestyle and budget
  • Fact sheets, tips, guides and worksheets as required
  • Email support

Conducted via skype or by telephone


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